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GrandMA full-size
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The grandMA full-size is the extensive integration of conventional lighting, moving lights, LED- and media server control in one console. Completely compatible with the grandMA family, it is the largest version of the grandMA family of desks. With 20 motorized faders and three Touchscreen, the grandMA fullsize has all the features that makes the grandMA so popular, like an internal UPS and motorized faders for multiple pages of playbacks.

Software Specification

Protocols: DMX-512A, MA-Net, Art-Net, Pathport, Portall, ETC Net-2, Strand Shownet, Midi Show Control, ACN-ready 
Parameters: 2,048 or 4,096 (up to 16,384 with Parameter Expansion via NSPs)
Cues: virtual unlimited 
Sequences: 999 
Effects: 899 
Groups: 999 
Presets: 10 groups x 999 
Dimmer Profiles: virtual unlimited
User Profiles: 32

User Interface (Hardware)

Executor Faders: 20 motorized 
Executor Buttons: 40 
Rotary Encoders: 4 
Trackball: 1 (integrated)

User Interface (Software)

Playback Faders: 20 x 128 pages 
Playback Fader Buttons: 20 x 128 pages 
Playback Buttons: 40 x 128 pages

Physical Input / Output

Network: 100 base TX, RJ45 (EtherCon on request) 
DMX-512A: 4x OUT, 1x IN, 1x THRU 
MIDI: 1x OUT, 1x IN, 1x THRU 
Time Code: 1x SMPTE (LTC, MTC) 
RS232:2x DB-9 (restricted) 
Keyboard: 1x PS2 
Mouse: 1x PS2 
Printer Port: 1x parallel 
VGA: 3x DB-15 
USB: (future use) 
DC-Remote: 1x DB-25 
Sound Input: 1x 6,3mm jack (sym.)


Internal Screen: 3x TFT Touchscreen 
External Screen: 2x VGA (plus 1x Diagnostic)


Size: 1200 x 150 x 670 mm (47.3 x 5.9 x 26.4 inches) 
Weight: 47 kg / 104 lbs


Operating System: VxWorks 
Main Board CPU: VIA, 800MHz 
Slave Board CPU: Motorola 68360, 33MHz 
Main Memory: 256MB 
Hard Drive: 20GB minimum 
Flash Drive: 16MB 
Floppy Drive: 1.44MB 
Power Supply: 90-230V, 50-60Hz, 150VA 
UPS: internal (12min)

Advanced Features

  • Max. 16 consoles networked as Multi User, offering virtual partitioned areas (“Worlds”)
  • consoles in the same session are automatically a backup system
  • Max. 64 DMX universes with 16 NSPs
  • Auto-Save function
  • Oops function (undo up to 20 commands)
  • Recall commands direct from command line
  • Supports 6 PDA remotes via Wireless LAN
  • FTP file server support and remote file backup functions
  • Complete suite of accessory PC software
  • grandMA – the DVD interactive training DVD complete with tutorials

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