Barco SLM G8 Performer

  • Barco SLM G8 Performer
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Barco SLM G8 Performer
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A compact and Powerful Projector for Rental & Staging Applications

The Barco SLM G8 provides a compact, multi-purpose solution for any event. Its sleek black chassis is equipped with a 3-chip Digital Light Processing™ (DLP™) subsystem, which features XGA resolution Digital Micro Mirror Devices™ and a state-of-the-art optical system. With its 8000 ANSI lumen light output, the G8 is ideally suited for mid-range applications and an excellent choice for the demanding environments of rental & staging events.


Exceptional Video Performance

  • Enhanced low-light video performance is the result of its newly designed pixel map processor.
  • Integrated Constant Light Output (CLO), which can be linked with other G8 projectors for use in multi-screen applications.
  • True seamless switching includes transition effects such as cross-fade, wipe, etc.

Easy Setup

  • The unique "click-and-play™" lenses make it possible to exchange lenses in seconds.
  • Carrying handle with integrated rigging system.
  • Direct stacking and interlocking design enable an easy and stable setup

High Degree of Serviceability

  • Modular structure provides greater accessibility to serviceable parts.

Ready for the Future

  • The optical system’s compact and lightweight lens range is designed for the continuing evolution of the DLP technology.


Light output

8.000 ANSI Lumen


1024 x 768 (native) 1600 x 1200 (max)


1024 x 768 (native) 1600 x 1200 (max)

Digital MicroMirror Device™

3 high resolution XGA DMD™'s

Brightness uniformity

> 90 % for the total screen area


Normal mode: 500:1
High mode: 1000:1
(Full White/Full Black)


Lifetime (max): 1000 Hrs
Lifetime (typ): 500 Hrs
Lamp power: 2,0 kW

Noise level (@ 20°C - 68°F)


Noise level (@ 40°C - 104°F)


Mains Voltage

200 - 240 V

Power consumption

2.550 W

Ambient temperature

35°C (95F) max


875 mm x 585 mm x 429 mm
34,5" x 23" x 16,9"

Weight (including rigging gear)

57 kg (126 lbs)


BARCO's "click-and-play™" TLD lenses provide the highest quality picture. Available both in fixed and zoom versions.

Lens Shift

Motorized V shift: up to 118%
Motorized H shift: up to 65%

Sealed DLP™ core


Seamless Switching




Network connection


Fixed Inputs

  • 2 Multifunctional 5-cable inputs for the connection of RGB analogue signals with standard sync (BNC connectors) or tri-level sync, sync on green or seperate sync, Standard Video signals, S-VHS signals
  • 2 Multistandard DVI
  • SDI input (Serial Digital Input)

Optional Inputs

One free digital input slot for optional input modules:

  • SDI
  • HD - SDI

Remote control

  • RS232 or RS422 loop-through input (D9-connector) for PC based projector control
  • Communication input (D9-connector) for peripherals
  • 3 pin male XLR connector for wired remote (standard remote)
  • 3 pin female XLR connector for bi-directional communication (rugged remote)